Welcome to recessed.space
A new space words, projects, and thoughts siting between art and architecture, edited by Will Jennings.

Welcome to recessed.space, a repository for writing about art and architecture designed to sit slightly aside and apart from existing online publications. Focusing in the space between the arts and architectures, it will become a live archive to explore where the two disciplines overlap and intersect. It will talk to artists about architecture, and talk to architects about art, and seek to create new connections between the worlds, work, and approaches of both.


Recessed spaces sit in architectural façades, sometimes as a niche for a sculptural art object to sit within, but often left empty. In the first entry of this site, architect Sam Jacob explores the idea of the empty niche, pregnant with possibility, running along the buiding as architectural punctuation, perhaps a space of something lost, or something yet to arrive.

In the opening entries, there is also an edited chapter from Sabrina Mittermeir looking at Walt Disney’s urban utopian EPCOT project, a study of artist Sarah Morris’ symphonic film of Osaka, a new sculpture in New York from David Hammons which traces the space once occupied by a Gordon Matta-Clark’s carved up warhouse, and a domestic interior transformed by sculptural installation artist Emma Jane Whitton.

I hope it can become open and flexible enough to absorb a broad range of thoughts, approaches, and voices. From long essays, book and exhibition reviews, playful commentary, a database of artworks, a place for architects to discuss their relationship to the visual arts, and a space of inquiry. It is a space which can discuss both the latest projects and developments, as well as bringing forth from the past some of the best and most interesting examples from the arts and architectures - whether sculpture, building, film, poetry, landscape, fine art, photography, urban planning, whatever. It will strive to be anti-provincial, open to new voices, and try to break conventions.

If you have an idea for what could be included, you want to contribute, or you want to promote your book, building, artwork, or research, get in touch via the website on the ABOUT page.

If you’re a writer and want to talk about contributing, please drop me an email.

And, enjoy!

Will Jennings is a London based writer, visual artist, and educator interested in cities, architecture, and culture. He has written for the RIBA Journal, the Journal of Civic Architecture, Quietus, The Wire, the Guardian, and Icon. He teaches history and theory at UCL Bartlett and Greenwich University, and is director of UK cultural charity Hypha Studios.


fig.i Whitehall, London. Photograph © Will Jennings.

publication date
11 January 2021