recessed.space is a repository for writing about art and architecture, and where the two intersect.

It sits at the edge of a room, is a niche for display, or an alcove to withdraw into and observe from. It invites architects to write and think about art, and artists to write and think about architecture. It is a live archive which can home fragments, essays, projects, reviews, interviews, or comment.

Over time, it will expand to bring in new voices from across art and architecture to navigate the space between.

If you are an artist with work which touches on spatial, social, or architectural interests, tell us about your projects.
If you’re an architect who draws inspiration from fine art practice, or has designed with it in mind, let us know.
If you’re a publisher and want us to know about your art and architecture books, drop us a message.
If you’re a writer and want to share your writing or pitch a new idea you think our readers may find interesting, send an email.

recessed.space [at] gmail [dot] com

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recessed.space is edited by Will Jennings, a London based writer, visual artist, and educator interested in cities, architecture, and culture.